Jerod Mayo discusses how social media has changed over years in Patriots locker room

Ryan Hannable
November 12, 2019 - 1:43 pm

In 2008, when Jerod Mayo first entered the NFL, cell phones were pretty much restricted to flip phones, and there wasn't much social media besides Twitter and Facebook, although they weren't all that popular.

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11 years later, and now an assistant coach, things have changed.

Every player has a smart phone and almost every player has some sort of social media account. Speaking on a conference call Tuesday, Mayo explained how things have changed over the years in the Patriots locker room.

"I think it’s by a player-by-player basis," he said. "I remember when I first came into the league, you think about the room. It was like Junior Seau, Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi – guys who had flip phones. They had flip phones for the longest time. They still had Blackberries in their pockets. So, they weren’t even really thinking about social media. So, when you would go in the locker room, I would say that just the overall vibe, you were in there playing cards and things like that. Now, the younger generation, they’re checking their social media and things like that.

"But, I think the players around here do a good job, when they’re in the building, really focusing on football. But, if I had to say something that’s changed, I’m sure when they’re on their phones, they’re checking that stuff. As far as how it kind of affects them – what people say on social media and things like that – I really don’t think they take much into that. You know, everyone isn’t a Patriots fan, so I think they realize that."

As for Mayo himself, he's pretty active and likes to post inspirational messages.

"I read a lot. Sometimes people need those nuggets," he said. "I don’t like to post about just things, material things. I just like to drop little nuggets of wisdom, and I’m hopeful, honestly, that my linebackers see those posts. It definitely helps motivate me. You know, the season is long. Sometimes you need those words of encouragement. It’s definitely an up-and-down season, even though we’re sitting here at 8-1. Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and realize that, and some of those quotes helps with that."

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