David Ortiz

Jim Palmer on MFB clarifies tweets directed towards David Ortiz: 'I just think he lost his cool'

Ryan Hannable
April 21, 2015 - 10:00 am

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher and Orioles analyst Jim Palmer joined Middays with MFB Tuesday to discuss his tweets from over the weekend about David Ortiz and him being ejected from Sunday's game for arguing balls and strikes after a check swing. To hear the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page. Ortiz didn't like what Palmer said and responded on Monday. Tuesday, Palmer clarified what he meant, and said he has a lot of respect for Ortiz and what he is as a player, as well as what he's done for the Red Sox and baseball in general. Palmer felt Ortiz should have used better judgement and not have gotten thrown out because of his value to the Red Sox. "I just think as a player, your allegiance and your better sense should be in line with what your ball club is trying to do," Palmer said. "David Ortiz is one heck of a hitter. On his way 500 home runs, he may be the best DH ever. He's won a lot of games. You think back when he went 11-for-16 in the World Series and had an on-base percentage of 75 percent of the time, was one of the reasons why the Sox won the series in 2013. I don't think anyone forgets that." Added Palmer: "I think maybe it's a lesson, if I am Mookie Betts -- and David may end up getting suspended for this because of his actions afterwards. It will be very interesting what Major League Baseball does. He's a mentor. He's a role model for all the young Red Sox." Palmer said he also felt like third base umpire Jerry Meals overreacted and may have played a role in Ortiz becoming more and more upset. "It was an overreaction by [Jerry Meals], but David is the guy that allows the Red Sox to win ball games not the umpire and I just think he lost his cool a little bit," Palmer said. "I have no animosity towards David. I think he's a fantastic player. I know what he's done in the community. I know how important he's been to the Red Sox. That wasn't my point. I was just tweeting about what he did on Sunday and I think what I've alluded to over the last 48 hours I've made that perfectly clear." Palmer said he wants to talk to Ortiz to clear the air, potentially when the Red Sox are in Baltimore over the weekend. He also said he would criticize a player on the Orioles who did the same thing. The former pitcher also touched on Friday night's ejection of Ubaldo Jimenez for hitting Pablo Sandoval. Palmer said he thought the Orioles had a right to be upset with Sandoval. "You get umpires, especially young umpires that just don't have a real good feel for the game. I mean, they are instructed to do certain things," said Palmer. "I honestly thought that Pablo Sandoval -- it was a late slide, I wouldn't have been happy if I was sitting on the bench and I saw my second baseman get contacted. You don't want guys sliding through the bag, yeah I know the rule says you have to be able to touch the bag, but when they go spikes up to the other side of the bag, somebody gets hurt. So I wouldn't have been happy about that."