Jimmy Garoppolo may be calling Tom Brady ahead of Super Bowl LIV

Ryan Hannable
January 24, 2020 - 11:36 am

Tom Brady might be getting a phone call from one of his backups over the next few days.

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While Jimmy Garoppolo learned a great deal watching Brady from afar during his time in New England, the 49ers quarterback might be getting in touch with the 42-year-old for some last-minute advice ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

“I might. It’s not a bad idea," Garoppolo said to reporters this week. "The more information that you can get about it and having been through it, it’s a little different as a starter than backup. So any information I can get would be great.”

One thing Garoppolo did take away from Brady was how calm he was on the biggest of stages despite all the pressure.

"Everyone says you’ve gotta treat it like another game, but just the way that he actually did it. I was right up close and personal, picking up everything I could, seeing how he went about his business and everything," he said. "Obviously it worked out the two times that I was there with him, so try to transfer that over to my game. You can see it in how he is, his body mannerisms, everything. How he prepares for it makes him confident on Sunday. So I’m trying to do the same thing. Be ready to go and we’ll see what happens.”

Following throwing only eight passes in the NFC title game, Garoppolo was criticized a bit for being a passenger on the 49ers' run to the Super Bowl. He admitted he's heard some of the noise, but won't be thinking about it next Sunday against the Chiefs.

“Very similar to Sherm (Richard Sherman), I do the same thing. I hear all the stuff and everything," Garoppolo said. "But you can’t put that out there all the time. It’s just, you have to do with it what you will and take it for what it is. At the end of the day you’ve gotta go out there and play football.”

The 49ers will take on the Chiefs in Miami next Sunday.

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