John Farrell

John Farrell: Ben Cherington doing 'everything he can' to make moves impacting Red Sox in 'positive way going forward'

Ryan Hannable
July 27, 2015 - 1:16 pm

It's no secret the Red Sox will be active during the next four days leading up to Friday's non-waiver trade deadline. The Red Sox enter play Monday 11 games below .500 and 12 games out of first place in the AL East. While manager John Farrell isn't involved as much as members of the front office are in trade talks, it does get to a point where he's keyed in on what's taking place. "It gets to a certain point where conversations are going on and if there's choices to be made -- there's some interaction there," Farrell said. "I know that Ben [Cherington] is doing everything he can to make change that is going to affect us in a positive way going forward. That may vary depending on the situation, the involvement." With the team likely no longer in playoff contention, they could be in a position to trade away some of their veteran players with expiring contracts such as Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino, while also having an eye towards 2016 and starting to build next year's team. "I know that there's daily conversation going on," Farrell said. "It's that time of year where there's a lot of trade talk that's going on. Only when it gets to a certain point does Ben [Cherington] kind of give me a heads up. So, right now, we're who we are." Not only was Farrell a former player, he was in Indians' front office serving as director of player development from 2001-06 before joining the Red Sox as pitching coach in 2007. It's with this past experience he knows just how much goes into getting a deal done. "You know that a lot goes into it," Farrell said. "Ideas are generated in 30 different offices around the game. The reality of those coming to life? There's a lot of steps that need to be achieved to get to that point. From field level if you have a thought, there's a long way to go before that thought may turn into reality. I just know there's a lot of challenges in finding a trade partner and then what makes most sense for both sides."