Larry Lucchino

John Farrell: Larry Lucchino 'demanding', but 'main player in an unprecedented run of success here in Boston'

Ryan Hannable
August 02, 2015 - 7:58 am

It was revealed early Saturday evening that Larry Lucchino would be stepping down at the end of this season. While this wasn't a surprise to many in the organization, it presented a chance to reflect back on what he's meant to the organization as president and CEO for three World Series titles. "The announcement of Larry stepping down, that's been the succession plan probably in place and talked about for quite some time," manager John Farrell said. "But just personally, someone who is obviously deeply involved in not only the roster constriction, but with everything that has gone on around Fenway here. I can tell you, someone who is demanding, but yet willing to invest the best available for resources available to players to get the most and highest production out of guys. "While he's demanding, there's some things that Larry was always willing to go above and beyond to make available to all of us here." Some have said the near 70-year-old has already begun to take a step back this year, but Farrell said that isn't the case, although he's been heavily involved with new group who has bought the Pawtucket Red Sox. "No, I wouldn't say that," Farrell said of Luchhino's possible diminished role this year. "I wouldn't say he was less involved. There's a number of people who are involved when it comes to selecting players -- whether it's about how we go about our daily work. With the addition of the Pawtucket situation there was probably more involvement with that on his end there, but I can't say he was less involved here." Despite the team's struggles each of the last two seasons, Lucchino left his mark in Boston, not only with the three titles, but the improvements made in and around Fenway Park. "He's clearly been a main player in an unprecedented run of success here in Boston," Farrell said. "That will carry on not just in World Series trophies, but tangible things here with additions to Fenway and the renovation plans and programs that this ballpark went through. Still, the thing that will stand out most is the interactions that you had with him frequently whether it's here at home, during spring training and just a driving force behind being the best that we could be."