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Josh Gordon sets career-high for receiving yards with Patriots despite dislocated finger

Ryan Hannable
November 05, 2018 - 1:50 am

FOXBORO -- In the first quarter against the Packers Sunday night, Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon removed himself from the game after making a tough catch, but then quickly returned to action -- missing just one play.

It occurred again a few series later, this time Gordon missing a couple plays, but still not a lot.

What was the reason? A dislocated finger.

"I guess just like a freak accident – nothing too crazy," Gordon said after the game. "But, after one of the slant routes, I think some pressure fell on it and it dislocated, so I popped it back into place a couple times throughout the rest of the game, but it’s fine though."

Head trainer Jim Whalen was able to assist Gordon each time he went to the sideline and after the second, it didn't seem to be an issue the rest of the game.

Despite the injury, Gordon finished with five catches on 10 targets for 130 yards and a touchdown. The 130 receiving yards were the most he's had in a game with the Patriots, and also the most he's had in a game since Dec. of 2013 in a game coincidentally against the Patriots.

Gordon's biggest catch was a 55-yard touchdown reception late in the fourth quarter that gave the Patriots a two-touchdown lead.

"I think we caught them off-balance, switching defenses and transition," he said. "They dropped back into a zone, somebody just forgot to cover me, was able to idle and Tom saw it, we all saw it and then just had to make a break on the ball and then try to finish the play after that."

Tom Brady and Gordon's chemistry seems to be growing by the game where the quarterback now trusts him to go up and get almost every pass thrown his way.

"I love it," he said. "We talk about it every week in practice. He enjoys doing it, I enjoy doing it. I let him know, ‘If you can get anywhere in the vicinity, I’m going to try to make a play on it and make a good effort to try to go and get it.’ We missed one of them – I was out of bounds – but it’s great that he has a certain amount of trust in me to put it in my direction.

"And, I just want to come down and make a play on it, so it was awesome to have it done."

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