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Second Look: How Josh Gordon will improve Patriots offense

Ryan Hannable
October 01, 2018 - 9:46 pm

Even though Josh Gordon played just 18 snaps and finished with two catches in the 38-7 win over the Dolphins on Sunday, it became clear as long as Gordon stays on the field he will help the Patriots offense.

Speaking on a conference call Monday, Bill Belichick praised his newest wide receiver.

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“Josh has worked hard, he’s a smart kid and he’s got quite a bit of experience,” he said. “He’s, obviously, played in a lot of different systems with different coordinators and so forth. So, I think one way or the other, he’s probably experienced things that we’re doing in one of those systems that he’s been involved in. So, he’s been able to pick things up quickly and has experience doing different things, so it was good to get him out there. We’ll just see how it goes, take it week-to-week here.”

Gordon’s presence not only gives Tom Brady another skilled target, it also opens the field up for other players. 

Here are two plays from the game that showed what having Gordon on the field does for the Patriots offense.

First, Gordon has the ability to make plays on his own outside the numbers. Check out how Miami lined up against him on third-and-3, which resulted in a 19-yard play for Gordon after breaking a tackle.

Look how much space Gordon has to work with because of the defense respecting his speed and big-play ability. This could certainly be used to the Patriots’ advantage. Brady and Gordon could connect on a quick comeback (like they did on the this play) given the amount of space, and then eventually lull the defense into going for a fake or playing closer to the line of scrimmage and then beat the defense deep.

Gordon’s presence also opens things up for other players.

On this particular play — third-and-7 — Gordon was lined up on the outside and ran a go route up the sideline. The corner and safety on that side shaded towards Gordon, which opened up a good amount of space on the right side of the defense where Rob Gronkowski ran to on a crossing route. Brady found him for an easy first down.

Look for this to continue in the coming weeks where Gordon’s presence on the outside should open up the middle of the field not only for Gronkowski, but also Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman as well.

While it was only 18 snaps to go on, it’s apparent Gordon has the ability to help the Patriots offense in a big way.

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