Julian Edelman on GHS explains why he doesn't like Sunday night road games

Ryan Hannable
November 01, 2019 - 11:07 am

Julian Edelman appears to be like some Patriots fans when it comes to Sunday night games -- he isn't a fan, particularly the ones on the road.

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This will be the case Sunday when the Patriots battle the Ravens on Sunday Night Football.

“Honestly, not really — unless it is a home game," Edelman said Friday on The Greg Hill Show when asked if he likes Sunday night games. "We get in and it blows up the whole next week. I mean, we have a bye coming up, but you get in at 5 in the morning at your house and you have to be in meetings at midday the next day. It wrecks two of your days, just for the sleep and for your recovery.

"It’s awesome because you’re the only show on. That’s awesome, but as far as like — I like those one o’clockers, four o’clockers just because you get up, you go. On the Sunday night game you have to sit around and wait all day. You get kind of anxious, there’s football on.”

This game should be one of the Patriots' toughest battles all year. Baltimore comes in at 5-2 and coming off its bye week. It averaging the second-most points in the league (behind New England), and also has the best rushing offense the game has to offer.

Some have asked the question if the Ravens are the Patriots' biggest rivals this week, and Edelman acknowledged what a tough team they are.

“I think there’s multiple types of rivals," he said. "We’ve played this team, the Baltimore Ravens, a whole bunch earlier in my career. It seemed like we played them twice a year, every year -- once in the regular season and then in the playoffs. If there was a rivalry or if this is a rivalry, that is more for the media to make.

"This team has to be up there because every time you play them it is a hard-fought match. These guys always bring it. They aren’t afraid to play anywhere. They have beaten us on our home field. We’ve gone down there and lost to them in my career. This team is just a hard-nosed, old school football team. If you’re excited for football and you love football, this is the game to play in for sure.”

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