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Julian Edelman: Patriots offense not where we want to be

Ryan Hannable
December 14, 2018 - 12:59 pm

FOXBORO -- The Patriots are coming off their best offensive performance since Week 7.

New England scored 33 points against the Dolphins last week, including 27 in the first half. The main weapons for the offense all contributed with Rob Gronkowski having his best game of the year, and then Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon all having above-average performances.

Despite that, Edelman believes the Patriots offense is not where it wants to be.

“I mean, you’re always trying to improve," he said Thursday. "You can always be better, but the more and more we play together each week you’re building on your foundation. I wouldn’t say we are where we want to be, but we’re trusting in the process of going out and working hard each day in practice and trying to improve to see where that brings us.”

The veteran receiver noted it is all about building on the previous week.

“Every game whether it is a win, loss, you’re always self-scouting and things that you do well you try and put that in your memory bank and you try and sharpen those," Edelman said. "And things you don’t do too well, you try and work on the next week of practice to make it better. I would say we’re in that category.”

As of now, the Patriots offense ranks fifth overall and sixth in points scored. It will likely need another strong showing Sunday in Pittsburgh as the Steelers likely will put up a ton of points as they are desperate to avoid a fourth straight loss.


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