Julian Edelman weighs in on Tom Brady's cryptic social media post

Ryan Hannable
February 01, 2020 - 12:24 pm

Tom Brady got the entire football world talking with his cryptic social media post Thursday night. 

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Was he walking into Gillette Stadium, or was he walking out? Does it mean he's leaving the Patriots? Does it mean he's retiring? Does it mean he's returning? It could be literally anything.

On Friday, the McCourty twins gave their take, and now Julian Edelman is giving his.

“This is just me thinking out loud, I don’t know, by any means but hey, maybe he’s putting a little heat on, you know, the (Patriots),” Edelman said Friday to The Athletic from Miami. “Or he’s putting heat on the free-agency market. There’s so many things you can do with a (expletive) picture. With no caption, yeah, actually, if you have a platform, especially if you have a platform, right, you know, and it’s crazy.”

He added: “It’s a subliminal message, which we all assume. We don’t know. I don’t know. We all want to know. But that’s the cool thing about social media. He puts a picture out, no caption, no nothing. Everyone’s going (expletive) nuts. Like, ‘There’s no caption! What’s he doing? Is he entering? Is he leaving?’ And it’s just this, such, like, so much excitement around a picture. It’s nuts.”

But, what does Edelman actually think it means?

“You don’t really know unless you ask, and that’s the cool thing," he said. "It’s like art, you know, people look at a painting, or you look at, it’s interpretive, you know, you look at something you’re like, `Well, that looks like, you know, a pineapple. Well, no actually it looks like a snowman. Well, no, it’s a tree, guy.’"

Edelman has been teammates and close friends with Brady since he was drafted by the Patriots in 2009.

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