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Julio Jones: 'Crazy' Patriots would set off fireworks after touchdowns in foggy conditions

Ryan Hannable
October 23, 2017 - 1:47 am

FOXBORO -- The biggest story of Sunday night's Patriots-Falcons matchup may have been the heavy fog that rolled in during the first half.

It got worse as the game went on, as at times in the second half it was extremely hard to see the field, especially from the 300-level. From the press box, the action on the opposite side of the field was very hard to see. The NBC broadcast even needed to go to its sky cam because the sideline camera shot was just too blurry.

While players said it didn't have an impact on the game since players on the field didn't have any issues with seeing, Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones had a strange take on the fog afterwards.

“No, it didn’t affect me,” Jones told reporters. “It’s crazy, though. They score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits up and sits high kind of in the stadium. So it’s kind of hard, if you do get behind, how can you throw deep balls and things like that because it’s foggy? It didn’t affect us at all, though. They were the better team tonight.” 

Firework smoke staying in the air for hours after the fact? Interesting.

Jones finished the game with nine catches for 99 yards and the lone Falcons touchdown.

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