Chiefs TE Travis Kelce: 'Everyone is kind of sick of the Patriots at this point'

Ryan Hannable
January 31, 2019 - 2:56 pm

ATLANTA -- The Chiefs were a couple of plays away from being in the Super Bowl, but the Patriots were able to come away with an overtime win on the road in the AFC title game on Jan. 20.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said the Patriots surprised the Chiefs in the first half when they jumped out to a 14-0 lead.

“I have tried to really put it all together and I think — it was shocking the way they played man coverage," he said.

Kelce added: “We knew what we were going to see. We practiced it all week. They were a little more aggressive than we expected. Physically aggressive at the line of scrimmage — grabbing, holding. Getting off that man coverage it took us a little while. At times we were finally getting off man coverage, Pat [Mahomes] was kind of under duress back there. All-in-all, I hate to say it, but we just weren’t ready for it."

The Patriots were three-point underdogs going into the game and most of America was pulling for the Chiefs.

Kelce agreed.

“You can kind of feel that everyone is kind of sick of the Patriots at this point," he said.

The All-Pro tight end did add he doesn't hate the Patriots, it's just part of the competition in the AFC.

Kelce is hoping the Chiefs can use the loss to help them next year if put in the same position.

“It is frustrating to see the outcome because it took us a whole half to catch up and take it into overtime," he said. "It’s being that much better next year, that much more aware next year. That is all I can really focus on right now.”

The Patriots and Rams will meet Sunday night in Super Bowl LIII.

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