Kevin Millar

Kevin Millar on MFB: Clay Buchholz 'may need to get a little tougher'

Ryan Hannable
May 05, 2015 - 8:19 am

MLB Network'€™s Kevin Millar appeared on Middays with MFB Tuesday to talk about the Red Sox and specifically their rotation and Clay Buchholz. To hear the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page. Buchholz is 1-4 with a 6.03 ERA this season. Millar, who trains with Buchholz during the offseason, admitted it may be time for him to change something. "[Buchholz] is a very intriguing situation because you see the stuff," Millar said. "I think at the end of the day Buch needs to get back to the drawing board and maybe make an adjustment. Whatever that is, I'm not a pitching coach, I trained with him this offseason, Buch is a great kid. "It's frustrating for Clay Buchholz. It has to be frustrating. I think there's also a thinking Clay Buchholz may need to get a little tougher. Might need to start throwing inside a little bit more. Might need to be brushing guys off the plate because the thing with Clay, he's a strike thrower and he has four pitches we know -- changeup, cutter, curveball and fastball. Mix and match all these pitches, maybe going back to the drawing board and let's command one early." Overall, the rotation has been poor. Through 26 games they have an ERA of 5.73, the worst in the game. Millar points to the inconsistency of everyone. "When this season started, I didn't think this rotation had a probably because everyone was talking about how they didn't have an ace, they don't have an ace, and this was in March and this was before the first game and Buchholz goes out against Philadelphia, throws a good game, they win," Millar said. "I thought they could at least compete because there's only like five aces out there in the world. I think we throw around the word ace, like everyone is an ace because you make money. "Well [even] an average pitcher these days are making $50-100 million. I like the Red Sox. Wade Miley, I change of scenery he'd be alright. Well, he's been OK against the Yankees. I saw a start in New York and I saw a start at home and he's throwing great. They have no consistency right now." Millar said even though it's the first week of May, it may be time to make a move from the outside. "You look at this rotation and you go, 'What do you do now?' This is time where you get creative," he said. "Cole Hamels. Make the move, even though it's the first month of the season. Go out there and figure it out."