Larry Lucchino

Larry Lucchino on D&C: Red Sox have backup plan for starting rotation

Ryan Hannable
April 30, 2015 - 5:48 am

Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino joined Dennis & Callahan Thursday morning to talk about the Red Sox, specifically the starting rotation, and also touching on his possible involvement in Boston 2024. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. The Red Sox' starting rotation has an ERA of 5.75, the worst in baseball. Four of the five starters have ERA's over 5.16, with Wade Miley having the highest at 8.62. Lucchino said although it's too early to make any changes, the team does have a backup plan. "Of course there is because it's a long season," said Lucchino. "You have to have some potential help from your pitching in Triple-A in every season. I think we have some pretty good arms down there and Pawtucket is actually leading the league, part because the pitching has been quite effective down there. There's that backup plan and then there is another backup plan. "There's an old saying, 'I don't cross tie my shoes without a backup plan.' There has to be a backup plan. Third, of course is to acquire some pitching down the road when the opportunity comes for trades. That's not really generally the case in April." Clay Buchholz has an ERA of 5.76 and is coming off a 2 2/3 inning performance Tuesday night when he imploded in the third inning allowing five runs after he was spotted a 4-0 lead. Lucchino is remaining optimistic. "I'm actually optimistic about Buchholz and I am not known for my optimism in general," said Lucchino. "I watched him the other night and I was amazed at the movement on his pitches. He has great stuff. Some would say that he left his pitches over the middle of the plate too often and apparently that was the case because he was hit pretty hard. I think if you just watch his pitches and you see what he can do, you wouldn't want to give up on a player, a pitcher with that kind of talent, that kind of stuff. "It does come down to stuff, both pitching stuff and the right stuff in your head and your body. I think he's shown in the past that he has it and I think it would be terribly wrong to give up on Buchholz." It's been reported Lucchino potentially could have a role on the Boston 2024 committee. He touched on the matter Thursday. "I was flattered, I am flattered to be asked to play some role in it," he said. "We'll see how that plays out. I have a bunch of existing commitments that I have to examine and re-examine to see if there is a role I can play." He added he's in favor of the Olympics, but does see where there could be some concerns. "I am in general, if there were a [vote] I would vote in favor of it," Lucchino said. "I do like the fact that there will be an opportunity for the people to debate and discuss this. If people look at this as just the Olympics just the same old way, I can see why they might be concerned about public investment and infrastructure, in particular the venues have caused some issues in certain cities. This is supposed to be a new kind of Olympics with the same kind of beneficial effects. I believe in the importance of sport and International sport. I believe in the spotlight of the world shining on Boston and the positive effects that would come from that."