Sean McVay praises Patriots, notes connection with Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels dating back to 2014

Ryan Hannable
January 22, 2019 - 12:01 pm

One of the big storylines in Super Bowl LIII will be Bill Belichick vs. Sean McVay -- the old coaching mastermind vs. the new.

Speaking to reporters Monday, McVay revealed the two have a relationship dating back to 2014 when McVay was the Redskins offensive coordinator and the Patriots went down to D.C. for joint practices. He also noted he has a relationship with Josh McDaniels, as well.

“A lot of respect for them. They’ve been doing it as consistently as any organization in the history of this league,’’ McVay said. “Gotten a chance to get to know coach Belichick a little bit. Had a relationship with Josh McDaniels. Really, we practiced against those guys when I was in Washington early on and kind of kept in contact with them.

“They’re a team that you’re always watching the way they do things and you just have so much respect for the way that they’ve operated over the last handful of years. So, it’s going to be a great challenge — something that we’ll get started on as soon as we end up here.’’

The Rams just beat Drew Brees and the Saints, another tremendous veteran quarterback, so McVay noted the team can use some of the same things when preparing for Tom Brady.

“You’re talking about guys that have been doing it as consistent as anybody,’’ said McVay. “You just look at the amount of Super Bowl appearances that he’s had, just the way that he competes, the way that he plays the quarterback position the right way.

"When you’re teaching that position or coaching that position, whether it’s Drew or Tom, these are guys that they look — this is what it’s supposed to look like when you’re playing that position at a high level, with the decision making, the timing, the rhythm, the accuracy, the ownership of what they’re trying to get done. I have so much respect for him and he’s an elite competitor that, it’s going to be a great challenge, just like Drew Brees was for us last week.’’

The Patriots and Rams will meet in Super Bowl LIII Feb. 3 in Atlanta.

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