Lou Merloni goes on rant following hearing Rob Manfred say he can't guarantee baseball in 2020

Ryan Hannable
June 16, 2020 - 6:00 am

During Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Monday, a few quotes from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred came out where he said he couldn't guarantee there would be a season in 2020, which came only five days after saying he said he was 100 percent sure there would be.

After hearing the sound, Merloni went after Manfred in a long rant.

"I think that’s such weak ass," he said. "So, the union lawyer leaked it out to the media, that’s not good faith? Should we go back to the first month when we want to talk about good faith? Should we go back to the leaks that were pro union? Should we go back and look at Karl Ravech’s timeline? Should we go back and look at everyone you had in your pocket, Rob, and you were leaking out how much money you were going to lose — is that good faith? Leaking it to the media, is that good faith?

“So, they are going to file a grievance. You didn’t think they were going to? And what are you worried about a grievance for if you guys are right? If you guys could prove — 'Ohh, you can’t prove it.' Because you’ll never prove how much you were going to lose. Because you refuse to prove how much money you’re going to lose. 

“That’s the reason why you won’t implement the power your union gave you in an agreement? They gave you the power to put a season together and you’re going to hide behind ‘it wasn’t good faith’ because (you) leaked it to people. … You didn’t think they were going to file a grievance, Rob? That it some weak ass you know what there.”

Manfred acknowledged they are running out of time and said the MLBPA needs to come back to the negotiating table.

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