Malcolm Mitchell hopes to return to NFL after 10 surgeries

Ryan Hannable
February 01, 2019 - 2:36 pm

ATLANTA -- It's crazy to think Malcolm Mitchell was part of the Patriots team at the very beginning of the season.

The 25-year-old was released at the start of training camp after battling a knee injury dating back to last year. The 2016 fourth-round pick of the team remained unsigned the entire season.

Speaking to ESPN's Mike Reiss this week in Atlanta, Mitchell said he's still eyeing a return even though he's now had 10 surgeries.

“I’m still motivated. I’m still encouraged. I’m recovering -- the last surgery totaled out to be No. 10, and it takes a little while to come back from it,” Mitchell said. “But I am working my way back. And I’ll be back.”

The last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl, Mitchell's rookie year, he played a major role when caught six passes for 70 yards in the overtime win over the Falcons.

Even though he's no longer part of the team, he's still rooting on the Patriots.

“I still have New England in my heart. I think I always will,” he said. “Jonathan Jones and I were great friends even before we ended up on the same team. On New Year’s, I texted everyone, from Devin McCourty, to Matthew Slater, to Tom, to Julian [Edelman]. I know Danny [Amendola] isn’t on the team any more, but we still talk. It’s fun. Duron Harmon has been a huge encouragement. So I try to keep those relationships. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be there.”

The Patriots will take on the Rams Sunday night in Super Bowl LIII.

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