Matt Light to turn 'ridiculous circus' of Deflategate into positive with ticket raffle to Patriots-Colts Week 5 game

Ryan Hannable
May 18, 2015 - 3:12 pm

[caption id="attachment_87003" align="alignright" width="150"]Matt LightMatt Light[/caption] Matt Light didn't hold anything back Monday night speaking at Rob Ninkovich's charity event, "Ninko's Ping Pong Challenge" at Blazing Paddles next to Fenway Park. The former Patriots offensive linemen called everyone out, from Roger Goodell to Boston sports radio hosts. He is now even looking to turn Deflategate into a positive by having a raffle to benefit The Light Foundation, which strives to instill and augment the values of responsibility, accountability and hard work by providing youth with unique outdoor learning experiences that assist them in reaching their highest potential. The winner of the raffle wins a seat on a private jet with Light to Indianapolis for the Patriots' Week 5 matchup with the Colts (Tom Brady's first game back if the four-game suspension holds). The winner gets two tickets to the game, a Tom Brady autographed football "inflated to your PSI standards," among other things. Click here for all the details on the raffle. " and when it is all set and done, if you feel the way I feel about this ridiculous circus that Roger Goodell and the rest of his little buddies in the league office put together ... if you think it's absolutely insane, then side with me and get a chance to come and go to Indianapolis on a private jet," Light said. "See the game and enjoy the weekend and that's a wrap. We're going to turn a circus into something positive. Roger [Goodell], if you're listening, we may raise enough money to have you attend one of our leadership camps." Light wasn't done there as he ripped into anyone that has questioned the integrity and character of the Super Bowl champs. "The overall New England nation needs to heal," he said. "We've had crazy things happen. Aside from the fact that we've won another championship, like World championship, you guys understand that, right? We won a World championship and we've had every single guy on that team called into question when it comes to this -- his character, his integrity. "Here's the one thing I would leave you with before we get into a real serious debate in the next few weeks: I'll tell you what, Felger and Mazz, they should be the first ones I call. I would love to just combat the idiocy of those two. If you're a cheater, right, have you ever seen cheaters put in as much time as Bill and his staff have put in day in and day out?"