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Mike Florio on NFL Sunday: If Rob Gronkowski doesn't get new contract, 'good chance' he retires after this year

Ryan Hannable
November 12, 2018 - 10:25 am

It's been a frustrating year for Rob Gronkowski, as he's played in only seven of the 10 games and has not been the same player as he's been in the past.

In his seven games, he's recorded just 29 catches for 448 yards and a touchdown.

Appearing on NFL Sunday prior to the Patriots and Titans matchup, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio said if Gronkowski doesn't get a new contract from the Patriots prior to next year, there's a good chance he retires.

“When the Super Bowl ended and he was asked about rumors of a possible retirement, his first comment was I don’t know how you heard about that, which implies a lot," he said. "I think if the Patriots had won the Super Bowl he would have retired. And I think after this season, which has been very disappointing for him and it is his second straight year with a significant incentive package that we’re probably close to saying he’s not going to hit any of the four markers which each make him $1.1 million and he can make a maximum of $3.3 million that way. He’s way behind in catches, yards and touchdowns. He needs to participate in 80 percent of the offensive snaps, he would have played in 70 percent of the games if he misses [Sunday], so he has an uphill climb to hit those numbers. Last year he hit all of them.

"I think that will be a factor in his ultimate decision and the fact he had a chance to play somewhere else and didn’t want to, I think there’s a good chance he just walks away after this year unless the Patriots are willing to rip up the last year of that contract and give him some form of security that is not tied to being healthy and producing on the field.”

Gronkowski reportedly nixed a trade that would have sent him to the Lions around the draft this past April.

The 29-year-old is due close to $12 million next year in the final year of his contract, which is below what he would like to be paid.

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