Mike Florio on M&C gives scenario where Baker Mayfield one day joins Patriots

Ryan Hannable
January 31, 2019 - 7:30 am

Last year around the time of the draft, it was reported Josh McDaniels really liked Baker Mayfield, who was ultimately selected No. 1 overall by the Browns.

While it certainly is a long shot, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio presented a scenario on Mut & Callahan Thursday where the quarterback ends up in New England -- it will just take more than a few years.

It would be after Mayfield’s rookie deal runs out and maybe even after he’s hit with the franchise tag for a year or two.

“I could see Mayfield after six, seven years in the NFL forcing his way out [of Cleveland] and maybe the road finds its way to New England,” he said. “Now, I don’t know if Tom Brady has six years left, but it would be six more years at the most before Mayfield could walk away wherever he wants to go. I could see him having that NBA type player mentality, even though it takes longer in the NFL. I could see him saying I am all in while I am here, but I am not signing a contract extension.”

Another outside the box idea with a young quarterback coming to New England is Josh Rosen getting traded by Arizona. Some believe the Cardinals could take Kyler Murray in the draft this April and then trade Rosen away.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened,” Florio said. “Look, I don’t know about Rosen, I really don’t. … What would Josh McDaniels do with Josh Rosen? Who knows. But if the opportunity is there, the question becomes how many years is Josh Rosen on the bench behind Tom Brady before he even gets a chance to play? How much do you give up for a guy who is going to be a backup for two, three, four years?”

Also, Florio didn’t change anything with Rob Gronkowski from what he’s been saying the last several months. He believes the tight end will retire after the season.

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