Mike Lombardi on OMF gives potential landing spots for Tom Brady

Ryan Hannable
January 11, 2020 - 10:14 am

If not the Patriots, where will Tom Brady play in 2020? There are a number of potential teams, but which ones really make sense? 

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Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Friday, The Athletic's Mike Lombardi, a former Patriots executive, gave his thoughts.

“The Chargers make sense in theory because they need to put people in Los Angeles, a city of stars, they need to put people in those seats," he said. "They need to sell luxury seats. They need to be able to sell premium seat licenses and the Chargers don’t have a star. They don’t have a star. And I think because they share a stadium, they need cache attached to the team. In theory that makes sense. 

“In theory it makes sense in Las Vegas even though they are having no trouble selling out their games, Las Vegas is an ideal place. The Raiders have a really good offensive line. I don’t know how Jon (Gruden) and Tom would get along and see eye-to-eye, but I could see that being another place. I think Indianapolis, because of the offensive line, and playing indoors and all those things. I could see that being a good place. But again, this is all in theory.”

As for how it would potentially work for Brady to stay in New England, Lombardi said all the people involved need to get into a room and just hash it all out.

“I think it takes the three people who are ultimately going to be involved — it takes the Kraft family — Robert and Jonathan — it takes Bill, if Josh (McDaniels) is still there, it takes Josh, and it will take Tom Brady and Don Yee to get into a room and say, ‘Here is where we are fellas.’ There’s no miscommunication. This is what we can do. This is what we can’t do. This is the vision of the team moving forward," said Lombardi. "It doesn’t really make sense to engage in contract talks if you don’t agree with the vision. I think you have to have that meeting. It is too early to have that meeting now because everything is so raw from losing to Tennessee. Everything is so raw from having in Patriot world a bad season. Most people would love to be 12-4. The Patriots, because they have had 71 wins over the last five years, think 12-4 is a bad year.

"I would take time away, come back in and get everybody in the room at the same time and say, ‘OK, here is where we are. Here’s where we’re going. Here’s where we think we need to be and let’s see if this works.’”

If not re-signed, Brady will officially become a free agent on March 18.

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