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Mike Mayock continues to connect Patriots to Lamar Jackson

Ryan Hannable
April 21, 2018 - 9:02 am

Earlier in the week in a Q&A with The Athletic, NFL Media draft analyst Mike Mayock mentioned the Patriots being a possible team who could draft quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Then on a NFL Media conference call Friday, he continued to push that narrative.

"I'm a little intrigued by the Patriots and the Saints with who their next quarterback's going to be," Mayock said. "You know, in my head, guys like [Bill] Belichick and [Sean] Payton, who think outside the box and are very smart men, whether or not they'd be looking at Lamar Jackson and committing to that young man down the road."

Added Mayock: "I think the Patriots are as comprehensive as any team I've ever been around. The homework they do is amazing. So I think they throw a wide net, and they look at a lot of people, and they've got two first-round picks. They've got a lot of picks this year. I think the first guy they've got to evaluate is Lamar Jackson, does he or does he not fit for what they could do down the road. Belichick is an outside-the-box guy, and I think that's the first thing you've got to think of is it's a contrarian move, but can you go from Tom Brady to Lamar Jackson, just like I asked earlier, can you go from Drew Brees to Lamar Jackson."

If the Patriots don't select Jackson or another quarterback in the first-round, Mayock likes Mason Rudolph and Kyle Lauletta in the next tier of QBs.

"Then you go to the more conventional style quarterbacks, Mason Rudolph, Kyle Lauletta, Luke Faulk," he said. "The more tape I watch of Lauletta, the more I like the kid. I spent about three hours watching him last weekend. He's 6'2½", 222, has enough arm, he's got some mobility, he's got a little moxie to him. I'm starting to think out of that next group, either Mason Rudolph or Kyle Lauletta are the two guys I like the most."

The Patriots have pick Nos. 23, 31, 43 and 63 overall in next week's draft.

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