Rodney Harrison reacts to Tom Brady missing OTAs for second straight year: 'I think it's great'

Ryan Hannable
May 21, 2019 - 2:05 pm

For the second straight year, Tom Brady is not on the field for OTAs, which began Monday.

It appears to be for the same reason as last year -- to spend more time with his family. Some have said he should be there, especially with all the new wide receivers, but not Rodney Harrison.

“I think it’s great,” Harrison said on NBC Sports Boston's Quick Slants the podcast when asked about the quarterback missing the sessions. “I think at this point in time in his career, after all the years and all the levels of commitment that he’s shown that if he needs a break and he needs to spend his valuable time [with his family, he should].

“Tom Brady can’t be who Tom Brady is if he’s not at peace with himself. If he’s not spending time with his family, if he’s not making them breakfast, if he’s not waking up and taking them to the beach [he’s losing something] that’s very, very special and those are the things as an older player that you really value because you know you give up so much during the season.”

Harrison believes this will make Brady an even better player come training camp in July.

“Everybody knows Tom Brady, his work ethic, his level of commitment and you know when he’s not there he’s working his ass off so I think it’s fine,” he said. “I think it’s really smart. When you come into football training camp you gotta forget about wife and kids … at the end of the day you’re down there taking care of business. And if you put your time in as a veteran player at home, you’ll feel much better about yourself doing that."

Brady will turn 42 in August.

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