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Devin McCourty doesn't see difference between Brian Flores, Matt Patricia

Ryan Hannable
July 27, 2018 - 3:06 pm

FOXBORO -- On Thursday, when Dont'a Hightower spoke to the media he seemed to indicate Brian Flores was a little bit different than Matt Patricia, especially when it came to keeping things basic.

“It’s a little different,” Hightower said. “Coach is definitely different. I think guys are learning a lot better, a lot easier. A lot of young guys are stepping up and able to pick up for some of the older guys. It definitely works in our favor.” 

When asked the same question Friday, Devin McCourty had a different answer.

"Not really. I mean, we’re doing the same things," he said.

McCourty added: "I mean, it’s always going to be different because somebody else is calling it, you know what I mean. He’s not going to be the same as Matty P [Matt Patricia], but our defense is kind of the same, you know what I mean – like we don’t have a whole new defense because Flo’s been in this system for years. It’s a lot of crossover."

Much was made of the communication issues last season, but McCourty said that was more a media thing.

"I would say you guys spoke more about communication and asked me about it last year than me talking about it," McCourty said. "But, communication is always a part of what we need to build each year. I don’t care if you return the same guys across the board. It’s just something when you play your last game – for us, last year it was in February – and you don’t play a game for months, you just need to get comfortable with that, you need to get back in rhythm, you need to get used to seeing things happen fast and being able to communicate it to each other. So, that’s always, to me, a work in progress of getting it to the level that you need to be out there to compete in games."

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