David Andrews makes it perfectly clear he won't wear long sleeves in AFC championship

Ryan Hannable
January 17, 2019 - 9:52 am

FOXBORO -- It is basically an unwritten rule among NFL offensive linemen: you don't wear long sleeves no matter what the temperature is.

And it doesn't appear David Andrews will be breaking that rule this Sunday in Kansas City.

At the beginning of the week temperatures were expected to be around zero for the game, but now the forecast has changed and it appears they will be in the mid-teens. Regardless, Andrews does not plan on wearing sleeves no matter how cold it gets.

"I’ve never worn sleeves a day in my life so I’m just going to put on what I put on and go out there and play," he said Wednesday.

Andrews added: "It’s the AFC championship game. I don’t really care what the temperature is. I’m just fortunate to be here."

The Patriots players will be battling more than just the cold temperatures, as Arrowhead Stadium will be very loud. Andrews noted the offensive line will need to focus a little bit more than usual to get off on the right snap count.

"I think you just have to be very thorough," he said. "You can’t leave anything assumed and need to make sure everybody’s on the same page. You can’t work on a snap count so you have to be on the silent but I think that’s something we can do a good job of. It’ll be a big challenge. It’s going to be a great environment for a football game, that’s for sure."

Kickoff is set for Sunday night at 6:40 p.m.

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