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Bill Belichick: Eric Decker has learned everything well

Ryan Hannable
August 25, 2018 - 7:19 pm

After a few short weeks with the Patriots, from afar it appears wide receiver Eric Decker has struggled to pick up the offense.

In his first few practices he had a number of drops, an indication he was thinking too much. Then in Friday's third preseason game against the Panthers, Decker didn't appear to know a pass was thrown to him by Brian Hoyer when it sailed well over his head on the first drive of the second half and then committed a false start penalty a few plays later.

But, speaking on a conference call Saturday afternoon, Bill Belichick seemed to indicate things are going well with the veteran receiver.

"I think Eric’s learned everything well," he said. "Again, he had a background in this system in Denver with Josh [McDaniels] and he’s played multiple positions in the offense since he’s been here. We used a couple new formations last night so I don’t think learning is really a problem for him and he has a lot of experience of some of the more sophisticated routes, option routes and things like that are all things that he’s done and it’s just really a question of getting the timing and the exactly how you want to do it and seeing enough looks on it so that you and the quarterback know exactly what it is.

"And again, in training camp when you’re working with multiple quarterbacks and multiple receivers, takes a little time to get everybody to get those looks so one quarterback might see one picture and then the next picture is just slightly different and making sure that the quarterbacks and the receivers again see those the same way and they can anticipate what’s going to happen. But that just comes through repetitions and experience. But he’s learned well and he’s been able to play multiple positions for us so that’s not a problem."

Decker played exclusively in the second half Friday, so he saw no reps with Tom Brady. He's still battling for one of the last spots at the receiver position, but not seeing any time with Brady would seem to be a sign he's currently on the outside looking in.

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