Nick Caserio gives scouting report on all four Day 2 Patriots picks

Ryan Hannable
April 27, 2019 - 1:55 am

FOXBORO — After selecting receiver N’Keal Harry in Round 1 of the NFL draft, the Patriots added four more players to the roster on Friday over Rounds 2 and 3.

It was split between two offensive players and two defensive players, and included somewhat of a surprise with a running back taken in Round 3.

Here are the players the Patriots selected and what director of player personnel Nick Caserio had to say about them.

Cornerback Joejuan Williams, No. 45 overall — "We traded up for Joejuan. You’ve probably talked to him already or may have talked to him, but he's a tremendously impressive kid. I would say he's very mature. He's a great person which is important. It says a lot about him and the things he's endured throughout his life. But as a player, he's got some unique attributes that not a lot of players in that position have. How that necessarily translates into our system, we'll find out. He primarily played in the perimeter at Vanderbilt. He was a perimeter corner and played against a lot of good people. He's a player we spent time with on a couple of different occasions. I think Coach [Bill Belichick] has made his trips to Nashville worth it here over the past however number of years. He's just an impressive kid. Where he's going to play, it's too early to determine that. What we do know is that he's played in the secondary at a good level against a lot of good people and been productive. He's a very smart kid. He [already] graduated."

Defensive end Chase Winovich, No. 77 overall —  "We were at [No.] 64 and shipped that back there a little bit, a few spots, kind of juggled some things around right and then we picked [Chase] Winovich there at [No.] 73 or whichever one that was. He was primarily an end-of-line scrimmage player at Michigan. He did a lot of things well in their system. [We] have a lot of respect for Coach [Jim] Harbaugh and the program that he runs and the defense that [Winovich] played in. He's been productive rushing the passer. He's got a good motor. He's a pretty instinctive guy. He's good with his hands. He's got pretty good technique and he's been productive over the course of a couple of years here now, and he's got long hair which I'm sure everybody will enjoy – until we tell him to cut it. He has some value, hopefully not only defensively but in the kicking game as well with his size at six-two-and-a-half, six-three, 245, 250 [pounds]. He runs fairly well, I think he ran a 4.6 [40 yard dash] or somewhere in that vicinity, so it's a pretty good combination of size and speed, toughness and instinctiveness." 

Running back Damien Harris, No. 87 overall — "[Damien] Harris, the running back from Alabama, I would say that's a situation relative to whatever else you're looking at, he falls into the good football player category that's been consistently productive over the course of however many years. Look, everybody knows what we think about the Alabama program and how highly regarded it is and the mutual respect that Bill and Nick [Saban] have for one another. But this is a player who over the course of the last three years basically has averaged 1,000 yards in the SEC and they have a lot of good backs. Similar to the Georgia situation with Nick Chubb and Sony [Michel], they have Harris, they have Josh Jacobs and they have a few more back in the pipeline. But this guy has been a pretty consistently productive player, so this is more of, I would say, falls into good football player category relative to the other options that we were looking at on the board, that's where he kind of fell. " 

Offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste, No. 101 overall — "And then the pick there at the end of this round with Yodny Cajuste, the tackle from West Virginia, has primarily played left tackle. He played in a passing system. He's a fairly athletic kid. I think he's a three-year starter. He's a player we spent time with and a couple of different checkpoints here. I'd say all four of them are good football players. We think they're good football players. Hopefully they can come in here and assimilate to our program as quickly as possible. Whatever their role is going to be has yet to be determined. It's way too early for that, kind of like what we talked about last night with N'Keal [Harry]."

The Patriots are scheduled to make seven more selections on Saturday in Rounds 4-7.

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