Brian Flores won't discuss leaving Patriots to become Dolphins' next head coach

Ryan Hannable
January 29, 2019 - 1:05 am

ATLANTA -- Patriots de facto defensive coordinator Brian Flores will be coaching in his final game as a member of the Patriots organization this Sunday night in Super Bowl LIII, but he's not quite ready to admit it.

Flores will become the next head coach of the Dolphins, but speaking at Super Bowl Opening Night, he didn't want to discuss it.

The hire cannot become official until the Patriots' season wraps up, but it's been widely reported that is where he will be headed ,and every other team with a head coaching vacancy has filled it, except Miami.

"Right now all my focus is on the Rams," Flores said to reporters. "I really feel like I'm doing a disservice to the players if my mind is anywhere else but on this week, this game, and that's kind of where I'm at."

Flores is all business when it comes to getting the Patriots defense ready for Super Bowl LIII.

"I love these guys. I love every part of the organization, that's kind of where I'm at," Flores said. "I'm locked in. I would say the only thing I've done over the course of my career is take one thing at a time. Try to improve every day. I try to win the day. When you start thinking about other things in the future, you're not focused on right now. So, I'm focused on our team, our players. That's kind of my goal right now. That's where I'm at."

It's also been reported Flores will be taking Patriots wide receivers coach Chad O'Shea with him to be his offensive coordinator.

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