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Bill Belichick: We need more consistency in every area

Ryan Hannable
September 25, 2018 - 12:09 pm

It's been an ugly last two weeks in New England as the Patriots have lost two straight games by double digits for the first time since 2002.

There hasn't been one area that's been lacking, it's been across the board and Bill Belichick noted that Tuesday on a conference call.

"I mean, we’ve had our moments where it’s been good, other moments where it hasn’t been good. It’s been inconsistent," he said when asked about the running game. "We need more consistency in every area of our game. So, the answer’s the same for all of it – running game, passing game. We haven’t been consistent enough."

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Following Week 3, the Patriots are ranked 25th in points scored and then 20th in points allowed -- very un-Patriot like.

After the game, Matthew Slater spoke about the team's toughness and how it is to be determined. When asked about those comments, Belichick seemed to agree by saying the overall toughness of the team will come out as the season goes.

"We’ll see it over the rest of the remainder of the season," he said. "I mean, every week’s tough in this league, so we’ll see how we handle it. Look, each individual and each team has to prove it every year and every week, and regardless of what any of us have or haven’t done in the past or whatever, we’ll see what happens this year and so will everybody else. We’ll all know the answer to that question as we go through and we march through the season."

Lastly, the coach didn't really seem to want to get into any of the adversity talk, as he noted every team will need to deal with it over the course of the year.

"Look, that’s the National Football League. It’s a 16-game season. Every team faces adversity over the course of 16 games," he said. "So, every team will have an opportunity to deal with it and it will happen more than once to everybody. So, when those opportunities come up, we’ll see how, again, individually each of us and collectively as a team how we fair."

The Patriots will host the 3-0 Dolphins Sunday at Gillette Stadium and it's as big of a Week 4 game the team has had in a long time.

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