Stephen Gostkowski not thinking about previous missed playoff kicks

Ryan Hannable
January 11, 2019 - 9:05 am

FOXBORO -- Overall, there is no doubt Stephen Gostkowski is one of the best kickers in the NFL.

But, the 34-year-old has struggled in the postseason of late.

After a streak of 53 straight made postseason kicks (field goals and extra points) from 2012-16, Gostkowski has missed six kicks in his last seven playoff games, including missing at least one kick in the Patriots' final game the last three seasons.

He missed an extra point in the 2015 AFC title game in Denver, missed an extra point in Super Bowl LI against Atlanta, and then missed a field goal and an extra point last year against the Eagles in the Super Bowl (although the field goal was a poor snap).

“I don’t know how many playoff games I have played in — I think if you play a couple of seasons worth of playoff games you’re going to miss a few kicks," Gostkowski said this week. "I think part of the job is getting over missed kicks. Obviously, those are the ones people like to talk about, but I am fine with that. That is part of the position. I expect to go out there and make all the kicks, and when I don’t I am disappointed and ticked off at myself, but you have to find a way to move on and that is what I do.”

The Bears saw their season come to an end last Sunday when Cody Parkey missed a 43-yard field goal against the Eagles, although it was later changed to a field goal block as it was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

When asked about the play, Gostkowski didn't have much reaction.

“I don’t think much of it," he said.

Gostkowski explained that is part of the position -- both the makes and the misses.

“I don’t like to talk about other people because I don’t know what they were thinking, what is going on," he said. "There are so many different variables — guys make or miss kicks. Obviously, the human side of somebody, yes you feel for anybody who messes up, but it’s part of the job. It’s what you signed up for. You signed up for the makes and the misses. If everything was going to be good all the time everybody would do it. There’s only a certain number of people who could get up and get back out there again after screwing up, which is part of the job. There are some positions in sports where everyone knows when you screw up and kicking is one of them. That is what you signed up for. Just have to embrace it, try to enjoy it, and do the best you can.”

After a missed field goal and extra point in Miami, Gostkowski has made his last 12 kicks going into the playoffs.

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