Kyle Van Noy tells story that shows how smart Ernie Adams is

Ryan Hannable
February 16, 2019 - 9:39 am

It is a mystery to what exactly Ernie Adams, a close friend of Bill Belichick, does with the Patriots.

He’s worked along side Belichick for years, dating back to the Giants and Browns, as the two met in high school at Phillips Andover.

Adams is at virtually every practice and is on the headset with Belichick and other coaches during games. 

“He’s the man, silent assassin,” Kyle Van Noy said on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take Friday. “He’s smart as [expletive]. He’s very wealthy. He’s made a bunch of money off the field. I have sat and talked to him about Wall Street stuff — [it went] over my head.”

He added: “He’s cool, too. He’s hard at first to talk to because you don’t really know what to say, but then when you’re around him all the time and you see how he moves and acts, you just want to know more about him. He’s just mysterious.”

Part of Adams’ job is to study opponents’ tendencies to give the Patriots an advantage on gameday, and Van Noy recalled a game from 2016 against the Steelers where it paid off.

“There was a play that happened, it was when we went to my first Super Bowl, we played the Steelers and they were on the goal-line,” he said. “I wasn’t in at the time, but I remember the play because Ernie said they were going to run this play. We got a tackle for a loss on that play and it is kind of crazy, one of the players came to the sideline and he was like, ‘Damn, that’s the play Ernie was talking about.’ 

“That is just one that came to mind. He’s done that all year long. I can’t think of one of the plays, but he has a photographic memory.”

Adams’ official title with the Patriots is director of football research.

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