Kyle Van Noy still confused by Rams in Super Bowl LIII: 'They really didn’t do not one wrinkle'

Ryan Hannable
February 15, 2019 - 10:29 am

It's been almost two weeks since the Super Bowl and Kyle Van Noy is still stunned by the Rams' gameplan.

The Patriots held the No. 2 ranked offense to a Super Bowl-low three points. One of the things that stood out to Van Noy was the Rams and Sean McVay didn't show them anything different.

“Yeah. I couldn’t believe that, either. Like, they really didn’t do not one wrinkle. I was like, what the hell?” Van Noy said on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast Friday. “They got so many good players, they’ve got so many things they’ve done all year, and the one play they gave us which was a wrinkle was the [Brandin Cooks] screen that hit for a little bit. And that was it.”

Van Noy acknowledged the Patriots played a lot more zone in the Super Bowl and perhaps that caught the Rams off guard.

“There’s players that played different positions that hadn’t played that certain position all year," he said. "Like [Patrick] Chung, he played backer most of the game before he got hurt. [Jonathan] Jones, he actually played safety that game. So there’s things they put players in different positions. And we weren’t necessarily a zone team, we didn’t play zone very much all year. And in the Super Bowl, we were predominantly a zone team.

"And that kind of probably threw ’em off. Like I saw a clip of Sean McVay reading the clip, and he said, like ‘Oh [shoot]’ in his head, ‘they’re running the Bears’ thing,’ or whatever the Bears did. Shoutout to the Bears, baby.”

The linebacker also explained while the team didn't have a great deal of stars (only two Pro Bowlers), all the players bought into the system and that was a major factor in the team getting to and winning the Super Bowl.

“We pride ourselves on watching hella film, that’s for sure. I mean, the coaches set us up for success, and players do as well,” Van Noy said. “We’ve got good players. I say we’ve got elite football players, we don’t got any prima donnas or stars or anything, which is nice, not having to deal with any of that [stuff].”

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