Robert Kraft doing whatever he can to prevent videos from Orchids of Asia being made public

Ryan Hannable
May 15, 2019 - 10:53 am

Now that Robert Kraft and his team has gotten the video evidence from inside the Orchids of Asia day spa tossed from his soliciting prostitution case, the next step is to make sure it never gets released to the public.

On Tuesday, his lawyers filed motion asking a Florida judge to permanently prohibit any Florida agency from releasing the video. This comes following Judge Leonard Hanser ruling a few weeks ago that it should not be released at least until the case is resolved or a jury is seated.

Kraft's team is arguing since the videos were obtained illegally, the public has no right to see them.

"Now that the Court has concluded that the Videos were illegally obtained and subject to suppression, it follows that the public has no right to access these materials—which materials never should have never come into existence in the first place," the motion reads. "As such, the Court has ‘good cause’ under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure to modify the scope of the Protective Order for the sake of dispelling any doubt that State is permanently prohibited from releasing the same Videos that it had no legal basis to obtain, much less to retain and release."

Now that the video evidence cannot be part of the case, there's a chance the state drops the case and then releases the video to the media outlets who have requested it. Obviously, Kraft does not want this to happen, which is why his team filed the motion to seal the video for good.

The saga continues.

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