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Tom Brady tells K&C he 'absolutely' expects to play in Thursday's preseason game vs. Eagles

Ryan Hannable
August 14, 2018 - 8:46 am

Tom Brady didn't play in preseason game No. 1 last week, but appearing on Kirk & Callahan Tuesday morning, the quarterback indicated that will likely be different this Thursday when the Patriots host the Eagles.

Brady said he "absolutely" plans on playing in the game.

There was a report the 41-year-old missed last week's game due to a sore back, but Brady said he's feeling really good now.

“I’m doing well," Brady said. "I am doing really well. You just always have little things that you’re working through. That is part of football season, but I feel really good.”

It may be more imperative than ever for Brady to get meaningful preseason reps just because of all the new faces at wide receiver -- not only new to the team this year, but also guys he didn't get to work with much last season. And the fact he missed the all of the voluntary offseason workout program.

“I think there is always a degree of work you have to put in," he said. "The pads are on, this is real football. It’s run, play-action. You are trying to grind it out every day and I think there’s always a place you’re working at it. You can incorporate new players like we did with Eric Decker, who has only been here a week or two, and he needs to get up to speed as fast as he can if you’re going to find a role and make an impact on the team. The thing about our team is we try and perform at a very, very high level. 8-8 isn’t the expectation for our team. Doing something 50/50 isn’t going to work out well for our team. I think we will all be frustrated by that level of performance. When you try and do things at an extremely high level, at a 14-2 level, a 15-1 level, it requires a different level of stamina and competition.

"I think we are all trying to figure out what role we’re going to have and who is going to that role. That really comes down to trust and dependability and the ability to execute every single day. This is the time of year you’re looking for those things and looking for people to grab a hold of it and say, ‘This is my role. This is what I am going to take. This is how I am going to perform for the team all season.’”

In Monday's practice, Brady was so frustrated with the play of the offense in hurry-up work he punted the ball into the stands.

“It was actually a pretty good punt for me. I’ll take it," he said. "I don’t think the drill necessarily ended the way I wanted it to. I wouldn’t make too much of that. I wish we were kind of always in regular-season form, but we are still working through some things. Part of it is being out there every day and just grinding through it and the competition against your own defense. We go through meetings, we go through practice, and practice is the most important part of the day. We have to be out there doing the things to try and improve. You can’t walk through things and so forth and when you get out there and get the chance, you want to be operating at a high level. The offense is working towards that and incorporating new players and pieces as we do every year. We’ll see what we can make of it. The pressure is on every day. The only way to get better is through actually doing it and building trust with one another. I think that is part of the year we’re at.”

Brady and the offense will be at a disadvantage the first four weeks as they will be without Julian Edelman due to his four-game suspension for using a banned substance. Brady was asked about his reaction when he learned of it and noted it wasn't a overly negative one.

“That is not my reaction to Jules. I love Jules," he said. "He’s in many ways like a brother for me. It’s his own situation he has to deal with and I think for our team we have to figure out how to make things work without him. Hopefully when he gets back it’s like he never left. That is what we’re hoping for.”

Brady and the Patriots host the Eagles this Thursday night in a Super Bowl LII rematch.

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