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Tom Brady tells K&C he saw confidence in Josh Gordon's eyes

Ryan Hannable
October 01, 2018 - 9:12 am

Wide receiver Josh Gordon only played 18 snaps in his first game as a member of the Patriots and finished with two receptions for 32 yards, but it seems he's well on his way to earning the trust of quarterback Tom Brady.

Appearing on Kirk & Callahan with Gerry Callahan and Mike Mutnansky Monday morning, Brady praised the former Browns receiver for his preparation and he also noted he could see in his eyes on the field how confident he was.

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“He’s really been working hard to get things right," Brady said. "I don’t feel like I have had to worry about where he’s lining up or what he's running. He was super confident. You could tell in his eyes he knew what he was doing. He’s been great since he came in. Hopefully we can keep it going and build on it. Still a lot of things we can improve on and like I said, when we really get to know each other, hopefully all the hard work really pays off and we become a great offense.

"… Josh really did a great job yesterday along with a lot of other guys. The defense played great, got off the field on third down. I felt like they were working hard for every yard.”

According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Brady has made a very deliberate effort to establish a relationship with Gordon since he arrived, as he recognizes the potential and he’s doing his part to make it work.

The quarterback noted things seem to be going well between the two, and how important chemistry is between quarterback and receiver.

“We get along well, and he sits right next to me," he said. "It’s a nice rapport​ to have that and I really try and get along with everybody. I think that is really important for any teammate, whether you are on the practice squad or get here — however you get here -- draft, free agency. Obviously, we picked Josh up in a trade two weeks into the year. Now that he’s our teammate we have to get to know each other so we can build that trust and chemistry in different ways.

"You see with guys who I have played with for a long time, just it builds and builds and builds. What happens is you’re able to make a lot of good plays and basically eliminate all the bad plays. Bad things don’t happen when I throw it to Julian [Edelman]. Bad things don’t happen when I throw it to Gronk just because I know their body language and I know the types of plays they are capable of making. You try and make plays and throw the ball where they are able to make plays and not the defense. It’s really a building process. Everything that you are doing, you are either building trust, you are gaining trust, or you are losing trust. Guys that are really professional and they show up and are prepared, you build trust pretty quickly. That is what it comes down to.”

Brady and Gordon don't have much time to prepare for their next opponent as the Patriots will host the Colts on Thursday Night Football.

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