Why Tom Brady feels optimistic about new group of Patriots wide receivers

Ryan Hannable
July 30, 2018 - 7:58 am

With Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola departing this offseason, it will be a new-look group at the receiver position for the Patriots this season.

Add in the fact Julian Edelman will be lost for the first four games due to his suspension and Malcolm Mitchell likely won't be part of the plans, there will be a lot of new faces working with Tom Brady.

Besides Chris Hogan, there's Phillip Dorsett, Jordan Matthews, Kenny Britt, Cordarrelle Patterson, Riley McCarron and Braxton Berrios all competing for playing time. The common theme is they don't have much experience working with Brady.

Speaking to Sirius XM NFL Radio for an interview which will air Monday, Brady appears optimistic things will work out since a number of those wide outs are experienced in the NFL.

“That is important," he said when speaking about receivers having NFL experience before coming into the Patriots system. "Guys that have played and been on other teams and came here have made big differences on our team over the years. It’s not like we’ve always had the fourth pick in the draft and they come in — a lot of time we get guys that have been free agents and they’ve been other places. They get here. They know how to play football. They know how to get open. They have professional skill. They are professional athletes, meaning they know how to show up on time. Do the work. All those things are important. We’re a very professional environment and hopefully that brings the best out of people.”

The quarterback detailed how important the work they are doing now is, so they will be ready for everything come the regular season and live game action.

“There’s so many nuances to the routes, to the system, and to the scheme on a week-to-week basis," Brady said. "In general, we always try and attack. We’re a gameplan team so we’re going to figure out what they probably aren’t so good at, still continue to do what we’re good at, and then work a bunch of schemes in there. This time of year it’s kind of the base offense and you’re talking about more principle type things — man, zone, route stems, if it is zone these are the techniques, if it is man this is what I am expecting. It’s a daily process and there’s no way to skip it. You have to put the work in. It’s pads. It’s the middle of the summer. It’s hot. Guys have to grind through it and that’s part of mental toughness training, physical training and you’re just trying to build on the day before. It’s never going to be perfect out there. That’s the reality of football. Hopefully you can build on a lot of things you talk about from the previous day.”

As of now, Dorsett and Patterson have been most impressive with Matthews and Britt having trouble just getting on the field.

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