Tom Brady on relationship with Julian Edelman: 'He’s always kind of been like my little brother'

Ryan Hannable
January 26, 2019 - 2:39 pm

FOXBORO -- Tom Brady and Julian Edelman have tremendous chemistry -- perhaps more so than any other receiver Brady has ever worked with.

It helps in a big way on the field as Brady always has a good idea of where Edelman is going to be, and they can also have non-verbal communication to help adjust quickly on the fly. 

Speaking Friday, Brady said that has come from long hours behind the scenes together, and he also called the 31-year-old like a little brother.

“We have a great relationship, Jules and I," Brady said. "I trust him so much. We have put in so many hours together in the meeting room and the film room. Obviously, he and I go back a long way. Him going to CSM [College of San Mateo] and my relationship with Tom Martinez [throwing coach], going back to CSM. From Redwood City to Kent State, which is close to Michigan and drafted here, played receiver, but he was a quarterback.

"He’s always kind of been like my little brother, in a good way. I don’t have a little brother, but he kind of is like a little brother. He knows how much I love him and what he’s done with his career has been incredible. He’s been so impressive as a player, a leader. To go from playing quarterback in college, to receiver in the pros and to become really a dominant receiver in the pros, that speaks to his work ethic. I am so happy in everything he achieves and obviously I can’t say enough good things about Jules.”

Edelman has been outstanding in the two playoff games -- totaling 16 catches for 247 yards. He's moved into second place all-time in playoff receptions with 105, trailing only Jerry Rice (151).

“It’s really beyond incredible for Jules to do that," Brady said. "When you talk about Jerry Rice, that is the guy that has set every receiving record in the history of the NFL, basically. For Jules to be right there, as one of two guys including him — again, it is such a credit to Jules. And look at his stature, he wasn’t built like Megaton [Calvin Johnson]. He’s just built the way he is built and he has just worked so hard over the years to learn how to play receiver. I think his quarterback background has probably helped him in terms of knowing where to be and how to get open, knowing when the quarterback wants to get rid of the ball.

"He’s just done an incredible job.”

Brady, Edelman and the rest of their Patriots teammates will take on the Rams in Super Bowl LIII a week from Sunday.

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