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Shaq Mason wants to stay with Patriots long-term, but it will cost them

Ryan Hannable
July 15, 2018 - 10:17 am

Although it's several months away, it's never too early to be thinking about free agency next offseason.

One of the Patriots' biggest names will be offensive lineman Shaq Mason, who will have his rookie deal expire after this coming season. Speaking to Kevin Duffy of the Boston Herald late last week, he indicated he would like to stay with the Patriots long-term.

“Yes, I would,” Mason said. “But as far as all that goes, I don’t look ahead, honestly. I’m just worried about reporting to training camp July 25 and taking it from there.”

“Honestly, I’ve been working and just taking it one step at a time,” he added. “Just honing in on details, the smaller things of my game, just become a better overall player.”

The Patriots could look to lock Mason up before he hits free agency, which they have done in the past with other offensive linemen. Nate Solder signed an extension in September of the year before he was going to be a free agent and then Marcus Cannon signed an extension the December before his rookie deal expired.

If the Patriots do it with Mason, it will cost them.

As Duffy points out, according to, there are 17 guards in the NFL with contracts worth a minimum of $15 million guaranteed and 13 of those players are averaging $8 million per season. Mason is likely among the top 10 guards in the league so he would be in line to make around that number. Right now, the Patriots' highest paid offensive lineman is Cannon, who has a cap hit of over $5 million this season.

It might be wise for the Patriots to make a play on Mason before other teams can get to him, but no matter what it is going to cost them.

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