Why this Super Bowl experience for Devin McCourty is most special

Ryan Hannable
January 22, 2019 - 1:14 pm

This will be Devin McCourty's fifth Super Bowl appearance, but this likely is the most special of them all.

McCourty will be joined by his twin brother Jason, as the Patriots traded for the veteran cornerback last offseason. Appearing on NBC Sports Boston Monday night, McCourty reacted to what this year has meant to him.

"I can't write a better season," he said. "I probably won't have a better season than this year's been. You know, just sitting there playing in the AFC championship game and I think the coolest thing, everybody in that locker room other than Tom [Brady] had never won a playoff game on the road. Period.

"So, to just be in so many different, you know, kind of tough situations as a team, and to go to Kansas City, a team that on paper we really probably shouldn't have beat at home, and to go out and play the way we did of going back and forth us just supporting each other, picking each other up all game. It just kind of bottled this whole season up, like this is the Patriots team. Just hard-working guys that are going to try and outlast you."

Jason called the year a "blessing."

"Man, special," he said. "And I'd look at beyond my NFL career and that journey but a journey I think -- what's made this special is getting to play alongside Dev, and I think back of when our journey first started playing Pop Warner football and waking up early to play in those games and thinking about everything we've put into it. I think at that age, 10 starting out playing football we couldn't have dreamed of being here on this platform getting ready to take part in the Super Bowl. It just goes to show you kind of how great God is and how he has a plan for you, and it's just been -- this entire season has just been such a blessing."

The McCourty twins and their teammates will take on the Rams Sunday, Feb. 3 in Atlanta.

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