Duron Harmon on D&K explains how Patriots used outside noise as motivation this season

Ryan Hannable
February 08, 2019 - 3:47 pm

When it comes to the Patriots, typically they ignore the outside side.

This year, things felt a bit different as it seemed they embraced it and used it to their advantage.

Appearing on Dale & Keefe Friday, Patriots safety Duron Harmon explained how the team approached the outside noise this year, and how it benefited them.

“You definitely use some of the noise as motivation," he said. "It came to us at some points in time as disrespect. We really don’t talk too much about what we’re doing and how we’re playing. We try and respect our opponents and give them that respect because we know how hard it is, obviously, to win football games. [It came from all over the place this year], the media, other people, other teams about how we’re not that good anymore.

"We used it. It wasn’t something that drove us. Obviously, our teammates and the team is what drove us win, but it definitely helped, moved us along and to play for something a little bit more.”

One of the games that stood out most was the AFC title game when the Patriots were three-point underdogs and almost everyone was picking the Chiefs at home, but the Patriots were able to come away with a thrilling win in overtime.

Although the Patriots were favored in Super Bowl LIII against the Rams, they still found ways to get motivated and of course won the game, 13-3 for their sixth title.