Patrick Chung not apologizing for comments at Patriots' send off rally Sunday

Ryan Hannable
January 29, 2019 - 3:39 pm

ATLANTA -- Patrick Chung made news at the Patriots' send off rally Sunday when he made a comment towards the Rams.

"We're going to go down there and kick their ass, baby," he said.

A lot of people overreacted, as any team playing in the Super Bowl is going to be confident. Later in the day, the Rams' Brandin Cooks responded, but when speaking Monday at Opening Night, Chung said Cooks knows who he is and it was all in good fun.

Chung said he wouldn't apologize for what he said.

“You guys don’t know me. I am a clown," he said. "Brandin Cooks knows I am a clown, so you guys want to write whatever you want to write. Obviously, you have nothing else to write about. It is what it is, man. We’re confident, they’re confident, obviously. They are thinking the same thing. It was me being a clown.

"I guess I apologize, but I am not really apologizing because we are confident just like they are. They are a great team, we know that. We are a great team, they know that.”

The Patriots will take on the Rams Sunday night in Super Bowl LIII.

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