Don’t expect Rob Gronkowski to decide on future immediately after Super Bowl LIII

Ryan Hannable
January 29, 2019 - 7:50 am

ATLANTA — It looks like we’ll have to wait a few weeks after the Super Bowl to learn exactly what Rob Gronkowski’s future plans are.

It’s been widely reported this likely will be Gronkowski’s last season, but the tight end didn’t really want to talk about it Monday at Super Bowl Opening Night.

"As of right now, those are the last things I'm thinking of. ... I love playing the game,” he said to reporters. “After a long season, after the [Super Bowl], a few weeks down the road, you sit back, you relax, you get some downtime, enjoyment time. And you just see where you want to go with it.”

Does Gronkowski want to play beyond this year?

"That's a tricky question. You're trying to get around me,” he said. “You're just trying to get you some answers over there, baby. But, like I said, I don't know. I haven't done that sit-down yet. I've got to do that sit-down. About two weeks after [the season]. Then I'll know.”

With all that being said, Gronkowski indicated his body has a few years left.

"How many more years my body could take? In my opinion? That's a good question. Many,” he said. "Many, many, many, many years. ... There is no number. As much years as I want to go. Yeah, I feel good. But, I mean, if you just work hard enough through the work days, you can keep going.”

But, it remains to be seen if Gronkowski can mentally go through another year, especially not being able to produce like he has in the past.

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