Rob Gronkowski's brother weighs in on potential retirement: I don't think he knows what he's going to do after the season

Ryan Hannable
January 25, 2019 - 10:41 am

Will Rob Gronkowski retire after the season?

That has been a major topic the whole year after he contemplated retirement after last season. According to multiple reports recently, he's expected to contemplate it again, with many believing he will actually step away from the game this year.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, his brother and former NFL player Chris Gronkowski didn't totally say that would be the case.

“I think that is a question that I don’t think anybody actually knows the answer to at this point," he said. "There’s so many emotions going throughout a season, throughout an offseason, throughout a game. I think that is the last thing on anybody’s mind right now. You don’t even think about that stuff when you are going into a huge game like this.

"I couldn't tell you, and I don't even think at this point that he knows what he's going to do after the season."

The 29-year-old had one of his worst statistical seasons of his career, finishing with 47 catches for 682 yards and three touchdowns. His blocking has been highlighted a lot in recent weeks and his brother believes it's a fantasy football factor.

“I am still shocked, especially when former players who are now reporters are saying that because if you actually watched him play throughout the year he was crushing people all year," Chris Gronkowski said. "He was [pancake blocking] guys, so his performance never went down. It was just his stats. And what ends up happening is fantasy football, everyone is playing and everyone wants to see the stats and because they weren’t there all of a sudden everyone can consider him a bust for this year and a shell of himself and all that.

"But, really if you watch the games and watch what he’s doing out there, he was crushing people all year long. Finally when fantasy football ended all of a sudden they started highlighting how well he was actually playing and blocking. Now they are coming out and saying he’s the most unselfish player on the team, which I mean he is out there doing whatever he has to do to get the job done. They are one of the best rushing teams in the game because they are running behind him.

"The O-line is great, the running backs are great. Everyone is great, but his blocking, I mean it is unreal what he is doing out there.”

Gronkowski and the Patriots will take on the Rams in Super Bowl LIII a week from Sunday in Atlanta.

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