Julian Edelman explains emotional embrace with Matthew Slater following Super Bowl LIII

Ryan Hannable
February 13, 2019 - 1:39 pm

One of the highlights of the NFL Films footage following Super Bowl LIII was Julian Edelman sharing a moment with Matthew Slater telling him he had won MVP.

The two players came into the league a year apart -- Slater in 2008 and Edelman in 2009 -- so they have formed a very special bond, including living together for several years.

Just how close they are came out in the clip (see below), and Edelman described the moment when appearing on Peter King's podcast this week.

“With Matt Slater, he’s legitimately not a friend, not a best friend, he’s a brother," he said. "We lived together for four years, me and Matt. And he’s like the Reverend, I’m a Jew. We’re like polar opposites with a lot of things and everyone always thought it was a funny dynamic that we lived together, but we have shared some special moments just through our career. Guys on the fence early in the career, just grinding away trying to create a role.

"He’s been there not to support me, but in not even trying to support me, he was just there. There’s a lot of ups and downs in life, and Slate has always been one guy that you can always just count on for unbelievable advice — the way his parents brought him up and the kind of family he came from, he’s just someone you want to surround yourself with because you know it is right.

“That moment that we had, that was like a family member. Through injuries, through the suspension, through everything, Slate has always been someone who has had my back.”

Both players are under contract for one more season with the Patriots.

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