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Boomer Esiason on K&C: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski 'have a magical thing'

Ryan Hannable
September 10, 2018 - 10:51 am

NFL analyst and WFAN host Boomer Esiason joined Kirk & Callahan Monday morning with Mike Mutnansky and Greg Dickerson filling in to discuss the Patriots' 27-20 win over the Texans and also all the other Week 1 action around the league.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski's connection was on full display again, as Gronkowski paced the offense with seven receptions for 123 yards and a touchdown.

Despite being double-covered on a number of plays, Brady was able to fit the ball into tight windows. That was shown on Gronkowski's touchdown catch in the first quarter, and then again at the end of the first half when Brady found him over the middle for 28 yards, on a play that could have been reviewed.

“Six-foot-6, 255 pounds and he runs like a wide receiver and he catches the ball above his head," Esiason said. "Very few players that big are able to do what he does and can contort his body to make plays. [The touchdown was] a perfectly executed back-shoulder throw. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for a defensive back, who is like 6-foot or 6-foot-1, and having to play for cover him 1-on-1 in an area of the field where it is almost impossible to cover him, especially when the ball is as accurately thrown as it was. When I think of combinations in the NFL, and I think of the way players feed off of each other, those two are right at the top of the list. It used to be Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson were like that. It didn’t matter where they were on the field and they knew once they got into the red zone that he was almost impossible to cover.

"This is going to continue to go on. The big thing with Rob is can he stay healthy? He’s such a big target and guys are going to be diving at his legs all year long. Every time they throw a ball to him down the seam like they did yesterday, all I could think about is one of these guys going for his knees. Hopefully that isn’t going to be the case this year and he will stay healthy. They definitely have a magical thing about the way that they play with each other that very few people are able to attain with each other.”

Esiason also had a lot of praise for the Patriots defense and the job they did against Deshaun Watson.

“I thought the Patriots looked better defensively," he said. "I thought they looked faster and you could tell their game plan was to try and keep Deshaun in the pocket. I think he was frustrated and I think there was a little rust, as well. He’s coming off of a knee injury. I wasn’t shocked [by the Patriots winning]. The one thing I will say that is obvious with the Patriots, it really doesn’t matter who lines up at receiver, it doesn’t matter what your position may be because you will be lined up in multiple places, as we saw yesterday and Tom Brady looks just like he did last year. It was a solid win.

"That is a good football team, the Houston Texans. I do believe they will be in the mix as long as everyone stays healthy for them, but to catch them at that moment is a blessing for the Patriots. It was not a surprise win at all for me."

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