What’s the latest with Joe Thuney as deadline nears?

Ryan Hannable
July 15, 2020 - 6:00 am

Wednesday at 4 p.m. is the deadline for players under the franchise tag to sign long-term deals with their teams or else they have to play on the franchise tag for the 2020 season.

Relating to the Patriots, Joe Thuney signed his franchise tag just after being hit with it in March and the two sides reportedly haven’t made any progress on a long-term deal as of a few weeks ago and it does not seem like anything has changed since.

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This means Thuney will play the year out on a one-year, $14.8 million deal and have that massive cap hit on the Patriots’ books.

A few weeks ago, this might have been an issue and the organization may have felt more compelled to try and get an extension done, but with the increase in cap space the team gained over the weekend thanks to the Antonio Brown and Aaron Hernandez grievances being settled it isn’t as necessary.

The Patriots now have just under $8 million in cap space to work with, so Thuney’s big hit can be handled.

Thuney has all the leverage with the Patriots not only by getting hit with the franchise tag, but also what the roster looks like. Not only is he the starting left guard, he’s also the backup center and potentially an option at tackle in case of emergency. 

Given what Thuney is worth and would want out of a long-term deal, one never really made sense for the Patriots to try and do with him this offseason.

It’s almost certain Thuney does not sign an extension by Wednesday’s deadline and plays the year out by making just under $15 million, which is certainly a win for him and the cost of doing business for the team.

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