Could NFL have a Monday night playoff game beginning next season?

Ryan Hannable
February 24, 2020 - 11:35 am

Part of the new NFL CBA proposed by the owners last week was expanding the playoffs. 

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An extra team would make the playoffs in each conference and then only the No. 1 seed would receive a bye, meaning there would be six total games on Wild Card Weekend. According to NBC Sports' Peter King, the league will use a 3-3 system or a 2-3-1 system when it comes to the days of the games. The first system would have three games on Saturday and three games Sunday, but the 2-3-1 system would have two games Saturday, three games Sunday and one game Monday.

Short weeks happen in the playoffs with Saturday games, so it would be the same turnaround as a team playing on Sunday one week and Saturday the next (as long as the winner of the Monday game plays the following Sunday). But, the bigger issue is the Monday night game on Wild Card Weekend would be the same night as the College Football Playoff National Championship. Imagine the Patriots and Titans playing at the same time as LSU and Clemson.

Would the NFL really go head-to-head with the NCAA's biggest game of the year? Would the NCAA consider moving the game to Tuesday?  This would create an interesting scenario and it's hard to know how it would be handled.

Adding two teams to the playoffs is one thing, but changing the entire schedule to go against college football's biggest game of the year is another.

Stay tuned.

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