Pablo Sandoval

Pablo Sandoval insists he hasn't gained weight after last season

Ryan Hannable
July 30, 2015 - 1:32 pm

Following third baseman Pablo Sandoval leaving Wednesday's game due to dehydration, manager John Farrell revealed Sandoval's conditioning "continues to be addressed." Along the same lines, some scouts have said Sandoval has put on some weight this season, which has affected his defense at third base. He is listed at 5-foot-11, 255 pounds. Sandoval was asked point-blank if he's gained weight from after last season. "No. I'm still the weight that I was last year the weight that I finished my season," he said. "So I don't get complaints about it. I have to keep working hard, yes I do, but I don't focus about that, I focus about teamwork and try to do the best out there for my team." Following Sandoval's comments, Farrell was asked the same question. The manager said his weight fluctuates and the team is working with him on both conditioning and nutrition. Farrell did say the third baseman works hard off the field. "The one thing we do know is there is a wide range able to fluctuate and that's been consistent year-to-year with Pablo," Farrell said. "I do know this, his work ethic in the weight room, his work ethic on the field is consistent. It has been since the first day he got on the field with us here. And yet there's been challenges that we've became aware of over the course of his career that you're trying to align a number of things and that's the consistency to the work routine as well as the nutritional side of things." Sandoval has committed 12 errors in 89 games after committing 11 all of last year. His season-high is 18 back in 2013. Farrell said a reason for the increase in errors is possibly playing closer in than coaches would like because of a comfort level he had in the National League. "There's a comfort level with his positioning," Farrell said. "Coming in on a ball has been a challenge for him. His comfort level is to play a little bit closer. He's been accustomed to the National League where a two-out bunt is not uncommon and sometimes even a two-strike bunt. Coming over here as we try and get him to move back a little bit -- there's a comfort zone that every player feels on the field defensively. That's still a work in progress." Sandoval didn't have much to say when asked about his fielding. "It's tough. I can't get every ball that's hit out there," he said.