Patriots appreciate support on road: 'Pats Nation has been traveling this year'

Ryan Hannable
December 15, 2019 - 6:26 pm

Another away game, another game with "Brady, Brady, Brady!" chants being heard in the fourth quarter.

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There were a number of Patriots fans on hand in Cincinnati to see the Patriots' 34-13 win, which was much appreciated by the team. In fact, fans were already cheering the team on Saturday night when it got to the hotel. 

“Pats Nation has been traveling this year," Devin McCourty told reporters afterwards. "We pull up to hotels and there's lines of people outside cheering us on, and we came into the stadium today (with) fans cheering us on and getting us going, cheering on our offense when they are out there. It is a good feeling and it is because of our hard work giving us a chance so our fans follow us and cheer us on.

"We have to keep doing our part. Keep practicing hard, keep preparing, being ready to go.”

With the win, the Patriots will close the regular season with a 6-2 record on the road, which is much better than the 3-5 record of a year ago.

For Tom Brady, hearing his name chanted in an away stadium never gets old.

“That was pretty sweet," he said. "That was pretty sweet. Even when we pulled into the hotel last night, saw all the fans and figured it would be a lot of people here today. It was really cool. Just amazing.”

The Patriots will close the year with home games against the Bills and Dolphins.

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