How much cap space do Patriots have following Michael Bennett trade, is it enough to make deadline deal?

Ryan Hannable
October 24, 2019 - 9:47 pm

On Thursday, Michael Bennett was dealt to the Cowboys in exchange for a sixth or seventh-round pick. 

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Essentially, it was for nothing, but if the Patriots simply released the frustrated defensive end it would have only saved them just under $1 million against the cap. Since he was traded, the team saves roughly $2.5 million.

According to @patscap, the Patriots have $2.8 million following the trade, assuming Justin Bethel signed for the veteran minimum.

So, with the trade deadline coming up on Tuesday, is this enough to acquire another player?

The short answer is yes, but it isn’t as simple as going after anyone the team desires. With less than $3 million in cap space, players early on in their rookie deals need to be targets or players on minimal contracts. 

Some might say the team can just create cap space like it did this week by re-doing Shaq Mason’s deal to acquire Mohamed Sanu, but the fact of the matter is the team is running out of players to do that with. And when it does do it, it is costing the team actual money, and does it want to keep doing it for player after player?

There are certainly some players the team could target via trade, but it isn’t a long list.

If we had to guess now, the Patriots will not add another player and go with what they have now for the rest of the season.

Of course, we could be proven wrong, but as of now we see the wide receiver position being OK with Sanu coming aboard, tight end is better with Benjamin Watson back and Matt LaCosse should be returning soon, and then offensive line never felt like a real possibility, or even a real need.

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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